The project from 2015


In 2015 i wanted to try something new to sew. So stuffed animals was my new project then.

The reason i wanted to try something new was because i was not sure what i wanted to do if i did finish design and textile school.

In Norway it is really hard to work as a tailor or anything else in sewing and fashion. Some of my teacheres told me i most likely would end up in small sewing shop or clothes store. And as stubborn as i am, i wanted to work with design and sewing.

So making stuffed animals sounded like a good idea, but in time i realized this would not work in my hometown or maybe not at all in Norway..

But still i tried to make some teddybears and stuffed animals in my free time, and the first one i made was foxes, but i also tried hedgehog (did not work out well), goose and dinosaur.

So later i will show you some of the stuffed animals i have made!



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