Sandy lace Simplicity kimono


Finally I managed to sew this kimono customized for my body shape!

I tried three times of sewing this before it actually did fit me. It was a bit hard because the back part was too long and also too big for me. The front part was the right size, so I tried to not ruin the front.

I did make the back part shorter, so the skirt seam was around my hips instead of over the hips, the skirt was also shorter because I did not have enough fabric to make the full length, but it actually fitted me better like this. The back was still to wide so I did sew it in.


This kimono pattern is from Simplicity magazine I bought earlier this year! I did really like this pattern but the problem is, as most of the patterns is for me, they are too long for me. Also I am not so pleased with the sleeves on it, it looks kind of weird on myself because I am a short and the oversize sleeves does make me look a little bit bigger then I am, but still I do like this kimono anyway.

I have used cotton lace with 10% nylon. Recently I have tried to use more organic fabrics instead of synthetic fabrics, because organic/cotton are kinder to the skin, more environmentally friendly and the fabrics last longer! Well if you buy quality fabrics of course!

I also made a easy amethyst necklace to make this look a bit more bohemian.




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