Scarves scarves scarves


She’s a maniac, maniac with scarves…

I have wanted to show you all the scarfs I have been sewing but it almost got a bit embarrassing, because I have sewn too much scarfs only this year… But I don’t mind because scarfs are my favorite accessories to wear, and I like to have scarfs for every occasion.

It is easy to just sew scarfs, and that’s one of the reason I make them, I also make some of the scarves from fabric remains and it is cheaper to sew my own scarfs.

Most of my scarves are “fake” silk (polyester), but the brown neck scarf with orange and white flower is actually silk and the white scarf with purple and yellow colour is jersey (I have actually dyed it myself.. it was an old school project in 2013).

Since most of my scarves are only long pieces of fabric, I had to be a bit more creative when I took pictures of them. I have taken pictures of some easy ways of how you can wear scarves to make those scarves a bit more interesting to look at. 



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