Costume project: Redesigning a hat


So I had to make a hat for the “pink dress girls” costume and I decided to try to redesign old straw hats to save time and money!

I only made one hat because it did take much longer time that I had planned to do. It did not save much time for me and it was a bit too hard to actually redesign it.

The fabric does not look great on the hat, but it will work okay as a part of the costume for one of the roles.

I had planned to make three pink hats for the “pink dress girls” costumes but the hat will be used of the “boss girl” and the “dress girls” will use some simple hair bows instead.



9 thoughts on “Costume project: Redesigning a hat

  1. Absolutely. I think the fact that the structure is textured may have helped a little.
    I once foolishly made a hat with stripped fabric and neglected to cut it on the bias. Had to redo. Even the stripes looked better on the bias thankfully.

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