Mirror Mirror around my neck

It is time to let my jewelry shine more!

I have been making a lot of nice necklaces and earrings lately but I never really show them off enough, so it is time to blog more about them.

I created the earrings of the left-overs beads. Unfortunately I can’t use them because my skin do not approve that I am trying to wear something nice like earrings (I have pierced my ears twice and I got inflammation both times).

This necklace and earring is made of porcelain, metal, glass and wox beads.

It is vintage inspired, and it is one of my favorite necklace that I have made so far! It does also have a much more personal meaning to me.
The mirror pendant is a symbol for my OCD. My OCD makes me look at the mirror often to make sure everything is okay with me and I am always trying to fix what’s “wrong” about me. My OCD does also makes me want to wash my hands often and keeping everything around me clean.

My jewelry design are often created of my feelings and my experience of life.

So many of my jewelry has it own personal story or meaning, and this time I chose to write about this necklace to introduce you to why I started with making my own jewelry. Making jewelry has helped me keep calm when my OCD or anxiety has been terribly difficult to deal with, and it has also helped me a lot when I have been feeling very lonely in this world.

I hope you appreciate this post, because it was difficult to write about my mental Health, but I hope you would like to see more of my jewelry making/designs!


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