Two Layered circle skirt

This is a skirt I made last Autumn, and I love it!

It is a simple skirt with two layers, and the fabric is jersey (I don’t know exactly what kind of fabric it is because it was on the outlet table on stoff & stil) , so it is a very comfortable skirt. The fabric is a little bit heavy since it is two layered, but it still very flowy when I am dancing around. I have also wanted a new skirt that was more comfortable to wear but also fits to my everyday style.

I chose to make this skirt “seamless”, by cutting circle in the middle of the fabric. Then I used the rest of the fabric to sew a waist band and then I did put the elastic band in the waist band. A typical beginner skirt, but it was actually the first time I made a waist band with elastic band (Yeah, somtimes I learn the easier things last instead of first). And I have overlocked the edges on my skirt to avoid ruining the fabric but also to make it a little bit wavy.

I am planning to sew more skirts very soon, but next time I will try to sew something for the spring/summer instead, and a lighter fabrics.


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