This was Laika…

My childhood friend, and the closest friend I had in my lonely time as teenager.

She was my grandmothers dog, but she was also our family dog as she often used to live with us… especially in the last years of her life, the time when I needed her much more than I knew.

Laika became heartsick in 2010 and we did not know how long she would survive. I got panick attack after hearing that, and decided to create my own jewelery collection named Laika, which I made to have something to remember her by. I started with making a bracelet with the colours of her fur and the colours of her favorite toys.

Laika died 28 June 2012.

It was then I fell down in a deep depression, that did take a few years to end, and I couldn’t get myself to finish the collection at all.

Last year I finished the three central pieces of my Collection that I want to show you during this week. Every necklace tells a story about Laika. This is my way to cope with the loss of my best friend.


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