Laika’s blood stone

This is one of my favorite necklace to wear from this collection, and it is in different shades from grey to black beads.

The dog pendant is made of blood stone, and I bought it when I was on roadtrip with my family in 2014 or 2015, not quite sure which year of the roadtrip it was. I have been fascinated of using stone beads and pendant in my jewelery design, so when I found this one I knew I had to get one stone pendant or/and beads for this collection too.

The rest of the materials on this necklace is made of metal, glass and wax beads. I wish I did get some more blood stone beads, but unfortunately I did not find anyting that suited this necklace (also the necklace would have been very heavy too), so that’s why I chose to use these materials instead.

What I really like about this necklace is that it is not too much colours, and I can use it to almost everything. It fits when you want to wear something more basic but also when you want to dress up in something fancy.

The story behind this necklace is that colours in my life became more greyish when Laika became ill. It was hard for me to accept that this illness would shorten her life and she would not live a long life.

I also wanted a Laika necklace that an adult would like to wear on daily basis.

See more about the top I am wearing here!

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