Laika’s last Journey

This is my sister!

This necklace is the most beautiful and meaningfull necklaces I have made in this collection. It is called Laika last Journey.

I remember finding the air ballon pendant, and I told my mom that I did not like it. I am not quite sure why I did not like it, might have been the colours on it, maybe the price was too high or the fact it was a dog on it, ready to fly away. I found the pendant few months before Laika passed away, so might have been me being afraid of buying the pendant because a part of me knew she might not have too much time left.

I think I bought this pendant one or two years later on sale. I realized that this pendant was very cute and also very beautiful, and had more meaning to me then I had thought.

I chose to use the colours on the pendant as base for the necklace beads. Before the necklace became this, it was just a simple gold chain around it with one bead at each side. I chose to remake it to this because the old necklace was too short and boring (and I did only wear it once or twice). Still I want to just make a simple long gold chain with this pendant and use it more often then I do now. The reason I do not use it that much is because I barely wear something that fits with these colours (turquoise and pink is not my colours).

This necklace has it own story. It’s a story of me accepting that she had to leave, and the only thing I could do was to say thank you for those years I was lucky to have with you.

Here’s a link to this waterfall cardigan!

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