Summary of last week posts

The colours of Laika

Last week was all about my little collection called Laika. The Collection was made to make it easier for me to handle the loss of my childhood friend.

All the necklaces has their own stories, so click on the link below the pictures on this post if you want to read more about each of the necklaces.

Laika’s blood stone

I started this collection in 2010 (I had only had the interest in jewelry design in two years at this time and I was not that good at designing yet) after hearing that Laika was very ill and we did not know how long she would survive. After Laikas death in 2012 I stopped trying to create anything new, because I just tried too hard to make everything perfect first try and I became too sad each time I tried to create something memorable.

For about one or two years ago, while I still studied Interior design, I decided to use my knowledge in design to try again with this personal collection. This helped me finish three beautiful necklaces with a good story behind them.

Laika’s last Journey

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