My new fluffy friends!

Say hello to my cute gang!

For my birthday this year, I was supposed to sew a new dress but I decided to create myself a cute plushie to be by my side when I am sitting in the living room, where my sewing place is of course.

The pattern is from a Simply sewing Magazine that I bought a few years ago. I also found the same pattern in Beginner’s guide to toy making magazine that I bought this summer.

I started with thinking of creating one or two of them. But it ended up being three because I made a few mistake on them all but they ended up cute anyway.

I did sew the legs wrong on the first one and also it has some few mistakes on it’s face (The one with the purple bow). The second one I made is bigger then the original size, I realized that even putting 1 cm more can do a lot of change but it doesn’t always work, also the face/head on this one did not become quite right.

The third one is the one I finally managed to sew correctly but I decided to not sew the mouth because I wanted to make my own twist to the plushie. I also decided not to add the face shaping seam, because I tried so many times with doing it and it did not work. The only mistakes on this one is the way I cut out the fabric on his face (the fur goes upside down) and I should maybe have used white fluffy fabric on his belly instead of the short plush fabric.

I am really proud of these raccoons and I chose to keep the last one as a Companion and to show off what I can make and sell. The other two got a new home and happy owners.


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