Two years of blogging!

Hello again!

I am finally back to blogging again after a long summer of nothing to write about. I think it has been over a month since I last wrote something here, but I have been creating a lot of stuff since June, and now I have finally taken some pictures of it.

I will have a comeback week where I will blog almost everyday in one week. I am soon ready with those posts, just need more pictures. And here is a little hint for you: It has something to do with fabrics.

The scarf collage

This summer I chose to focus on my social life instead (trying to socialize more than I usally do) and get some break from my sewing for a little while. I also went on a trip to Kiel and Oslo, were I bought a lot of nice fabrics for myself and my boyfriend.

Collage from road trip last year when we went to Kiel

But Autumn has come and it is time for some fun and cozy sewing time again. This years Autumn project is creating a lot of different plushies and many of them are cute and funny bird species. But first I will create some more of this fluffy cutie.

Kristine the Raccoon, pattern design from Simply sewing Magazine (Jo Carter) where I have done a few different changes.

Today I have been blogging for two years already here at wordpress. The second year of blogging has less posts then the first year, but that is okay.

This year has been very challenging when it comes to do more creative projects. I have had a very low budget on everything since last summer, and it has been hard to create anything I have wanted. My economy is a little bit better now, even though I don’t have a job yet (I have been unemployed for over a year now). I am starting to have the same old dream as I used to have (when I am sitting home alone for many hours everyday, I just start to think about things I want to do and achieve )… and that is to create my own business. But I can’t do big business stuff yet, so I will only create a few plushies and jewelerys for a Christmas marked that I signed up for this year. Hopefully I get the chance to sell some of my creations there.

I hope you will welcome me back to the blog world again, because I have missed all you followers and readers a lot, and I also want to wish all new followers welcome to my creative blog!

Have a nice weekend and see you soon!


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