Inger the Cockatiel

Meet another friend that I have sewn this Autumn!

I can’t say this is the cutest plushie I have ever made because every plushie I have sewn this year is soo cute!

The pattern for this bird is from BeeZeeArt, and it is absolutely one of the cutest little plushie I have ever sewn that is as small as this one. BeeZeeArt have so many small cute plushie pattern, but they are very small and detailed, so I have not got the chance to try more of her patterns yet. I am not comfortable with making small plushies, but I am thinking of trying her bat pattern next year.

I did not follow the instruction on how to sew the cockatiel, even after I did watch her youtube video on how to do it. I also chose to change some of the patterns while I sew them. I did not give them legs (sounds brutal but it looked better that way, than when I tried to sew them on). I also chose to use hot glue on their cheeks, because the fabric glue I got was to hard for the fabric (that means you can’t wash them in the washing machine because the cheeks will fall off). I also had trouble with sewing the beak, so I had to do a few changes to that too.

I had to special order new fabric for the beak, because the fabric I had was too streatchy. I did sew three half done cockatiels when I realized that the beaks did not work at all as they became very big and fuzzy with the first fabric. Also both of the grey fabrics was too streatchy but it did work better than the beak fabric. They don’t look as perfect as BeeZeeArt has done, but they have gotten a little part of my style instead.

This cockatiel are named after my Grandmother, Inger. Because she used to have birds when I grew up. She used to only have parakeets so, not the right bird but I do not believe I will make any parakeet in near future.

I have taken a break from making plushies now, to focus back on sewing clothes again. But it might come another plushie post very soon again!


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