Toto, my little friend

Last spring I made dog plushie with pattern from Melly & Me. The idea of making this plushie was that I have always wanted a dog, that kind of looks like this one and his name should be Toto. So when I saw the quilt plush pattern from Melly & Me, I thought this would be a fun pattern to create a fluffy (or curly) plushie dog. For this one I used curly sheep plush fabric.

I never thought of sewing this plushie to sell, because this was just for fun and I know that if I had gotten this plushie as a child I would have loved it, so I did it for my self.

But I made two more to test what kind of plush fabrics can work with this pattern. I did sew one rose luxe cuddle and one in white and grey long fluffy fabric. I did sold those two cheap because I did not wanted them to be thrown away.

I still have Toto because I think it is a nice imagination from my childhood idea of what my future dog would look like. I still don’t have a dog but maybe one day I might get a new friend, hopefully a good friendship that I had with Laika.


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