White blouse and burberry tights

Lately I have been really fond of sewing white clothes, and also trying to sew different fabrics than cotton jersey.

This year I have decided to make more clothes that I used to love wearing and still do. Since I am trying to not buy clothes but only sew (I can tell more about it later), I have not had many blouses to wear when I need them.

I am trying to make more blouses, dresses and tops in fabrics that are 100% viscose or 100% cotton.

I decided to try making a white viscose blouse with pattern from Vouge patterns.

The picture is borrowed from Toppatterns.no

It was a fun blouse to make and I really want to make more of it in different colors too. My boyfriend thought it could be fun to have different colors on the blouse shawl, and he gave me an idea but first I am going to make it in one different color first.

But I have been clumsy… I lost the pattern that I had drawn, so now I have to redraw it… That’s just annoying but shit happens…

I did also sew a burberry tights (and skirt), because I really wanted one, and it looks good with a white blouse! The tights pattern is from Ida Victoria.


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