Star, sun and moon blouse

This blouse is actually from a dress patteren from Ida Victoria. I thought that the top part would be a nice and easy blouse to sew for myself!

I am going to make more of it, because I really liked it as a blouse. I just need to make it a little bit longer so I don’t need to wear high waist pants to make it look good. Also going to try it out with different sleeves!

But at the moment I am sewing a few t-shirts for my mom as she ordered from me and a long skirt for myself because I really need something easy to wear when it is hot outside. I also have a few projects that I need to start doing, because I am invited to an outdoor wedding (in less than 2 weeks) and I need to make something that can fit a wedding if the weather changes, and also I am invited to a wedding in early August, were I have a plan of making a dress for it. A lot to do but I choose to not push myself to much as I have been doing lately.


2 thoughts on “Star, sun and moon blouse

  1. Love this fabric and the cute matching necklace! This style is so flattering on you. Teach me your ways, lol. I feel like I can tell how much your skills have expanded from when you started posting here!

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