Reindeer plushies

Last year I focused on making plushies when it was Winter and Autumn. Mostly because I did not have money and energy to have bigger projects but a lot has changed last year that I wrote about in June, that you can find here: The Long Break!

I never got to show you what kind of sewing I did and the projects I had unless you did follow me on my Instagram. So now I am trying to catch up with you what I made last year and earlier this year, and I will keep blogging about those sewing projects that I have not shown you but also about my new plans and projects.

I thought it would be fun to show you the reindeer that I made last Christmas, since it is still Christmas week.

I used Melly & Me’s pattern named Darla. I love using Melly & Me pattern because they are easy to understand and easy to make your own twist on it.

This plushie is a big one, so I only made two, I kept one for myself that is standing under the Christmas tree and the other one was a birthday gift to my mom.

Will I make it again? I am not quite sure about it. It was fun making it, but he is a little bit too big in size and it was hard to fill him enough up to have the right shape without becoming to heavy on his head and fall over.


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