My goals I had for this year!

Last year before 2021 started, I made myself sewing goals for the upcoming year. The reason was simple, I wanted to have something new to learn and be better at.

My goals for this year was:

  • Make my own budget for how much money I should use each month
  • Sew clothes in material such as Viscose, cotton, satin, etc.
  • Be better at iron and steam without damaging the fabric
  • Sew buttonholes and learn more about it.
  • Accept projects/order from private customers from what I can make.

The question now is have I reached all or some of my goals?

  • I did not make my own budget for how much money I could spend on sewing but I did write up each time I bought materials and patterns, and also each time I sold something I wrote that up on the month I sold something. Of course I tried my best to not use too much money after I moved to a bigger rent apartment but few months was extreme for me because I was overloaded with ideas. Therefore, I am still trying to learn to not go over the budget.
  • I did sew many clothes in thinner material as viscose, musselin/double Gauze and chiffon. My new favorite material for blouses must be viscose, but I have been using musselin/double Gauze many times this year (it was actually first time this year I have used this cotton fabric). Chiffon is still hard to work with but I can create flowy skirts and cute hairbands of it.
  • Be better at iron and steam without damaging the fabric has been a problem I have had since I was a student at design & textile. If I can say that I have learned to not have too high temperature when ironing, then that is what I have learned. I still have some small problems with ironing jersey fabrics, I feel like they cannot even handle medium heat without getting dark marks or accidently wrinkles that I can’t iron or steam away no matter how many times I try… But it does not happen as much as it did before, so I am better at this, now I just need to learn to iron when it needs it, while I am working on projects.
  • I did not get time to sew anything that needed buttonholes but hopefully I get a chance to do it in the year that comes, if my plans goes the right way this time. However, I did sew few hooks (?) and that is something I have not sewn much of since I was a studying design & textile. And even hand sewn beads!
  • Accepting orders or/and projects from “private customers” has been very exciting to do, even if I only had like three or four different customers this year. My mom was the one person that was ordering many of the clothes I have been both testing and making for myself (well some of them I don’t have because my mom wanted them, haha). Therefore, my number one customer is my mom. But when I wrote this goal it was more like accepting that people asking me to repair their clothes, shorten curtains, etc. That is a task I do not really like, but it just happened once, and that was in January. Funny enough I have already a few projects and task from different customers for the summer, and that’s fantastic.

Before writing this post, I thought that I had not done so much of my goals as I wanted, but now I realize that I have! I should be proud to do it, even if I feel like another person would have done so much more on a year. I am slow (get quickly tired and cannot work too much) but I should not be too hard on me for not being “fast enough”. I believe I do better work if I take time to work with it and relax when it gets too hard.

You should also think that if you are struggling with keeping up, that just means that you do better work in a slower tempo.

I am planning my new goals, but I haven’t written it down yet, and I am also trying to think twice before writing them because I don’t want to put up to high goals for myself. I hope that I will have my sewing goals for 2022 ready this week.

Do you have any goals for 2022?


3 thoughts on “My goals I had for this year!

  1. I love this! Congrats on your accomplishments this year. I also love that you learned you need to slow down to do your best work. I feel like I work slowly too but when I rush, I miss stuff so working at a steady pace is what’s best for me too.

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