My goals for 2022

I have been thinking a lot of what kind of goals I should have this year. To be honest I think it was hard to only focus on design and sewing, because I have a few other things I want to try to do this year. However, these are my goals so far:

  • Try or learn to make my own pattern for clothes or accessories that I can sew
  • Start to sell little things like hairbands, scrunshies and “hats”
  • Use blog, Instagram and facebook to advertise what I sell
  • Learn to use overlock better, take an online course if needed
  • Make a little fashion collection or themed clothes that fit together
  • Sell clothes that I sew to private customers

Two of them are similar, point two and six, but they are different. To sell small things like accessories is not new to me, they fit mostly all who wants to buy them, so it is not as scary to sell as clothes. Creating clothes for others than me is somewhat scary. I want the clothes to fit every customer and that they shall be happy with it, and it is too expensive if the customer want to deliver back the clothes and get their money back. It will also be hard to try to sell the clothes to other if they are special made. Therefore, I am still trying to find out how I should make and sell clothes that are customized for a customer. I am not going to produce many pieces of clothing because I do not find it good for the environment.  I want as much zero waste as possible when I make clothes and accessories.

The “fashion collection” is already in making. Well it is more like themed clothes and borrowed patterns. I have not learned to make my own patterns, but I am planning on trying to make my own, I just do not know when and what yet.

Using blog more is something I have been thinking about since last year, but it is not until now that I am finally using it more. The Facebook page is for my Norwegian followers and customers. The Instagram is more like a gallery with short text, almost the same as the blog, but I am not writing as much English there as here.

The overlocker has been a nice thing to have, but I wish I knew a little bit more about it. I am planning to take an online course to learn what more can I do with an overlocker.

In addition, if I have any other goals that do not include my hobby/work, then it is trying to go to the gym again and to be better at saving money. Also try to meet family and friends more again, because I have felt lonely since 2021 and I am tired of that feeling. I do have a boyfriend that I have been sharing an apartment with since January 2019, so I am not alone, but I miss having a place to go or someone to share my interest in sewing or other hobbies.

I believe this year can be interesting for me, well the first three or four months will be interesting, for now. I hope this year will be better for many more people including myself. It will be exiting and scary to try new things or finally being able to do whatever I am trying to do. I want to sell what I make, I want to be recognized for trying to make something for my own, even if the first collection is not 100% my own design and I hope I have the energy to do it and keep on doing whatever I want to do. I hope that this will be the start of doing what I have wanted to do in many years. I hope I learn if I make mistakes and to not give up easily.

Even if I am a person who dislikes trying new things…

Cheers for new things to try!


5 thoughts on “My goals for 2022

  1. I am learning to sew and made Christmas gifts for all of my daughters and grandkids this year. I don’t consider my sewing good enough to sell yet but think that these came out pretty well. If you want to take a look you can find them on my blog. I hope you meet all of your goals for 2022. Happy New Year.


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