The Ducks

These plushies must be one of the easiest I can make, if I want to make a soft toy in hurry.

I might say it about almost every plush pattern I have, but these are also one of my favorite to make, not just because they are easy to make, but they are also a cute gift or a decoration to have!

I am surprised that I have not made many yet, but at the time when I made them, I was busy with trying other plushie patterns as well. If I remember correctly, I think I made four ducks. One I kept, one I gave as a gift and two were sold.

I am thinking of making more of them this year. Because they are simple to make when I have not been sewing plushies since late 2020.

The pattern is from Melly & Me. They have many good quilt patterns, but I like using plush fabric instead and give the plush a simple but cute look.


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