Waterfall cardigan with Isoli?

Once again, I made a waterfall cardigan that I found in a Burda easy magazine in 2018. For those who have read my blog earlier might have seen me post about it before.

This time I made it with a fabric that is similar to French terry (the Norwegian name for this fabric is isoli, but when I try to find the English name it is Sweetheart fabric, and I am not sure if it is the right name) to make it thicker for the winter. It surely became warmer but not so very cozy, soft and a nice “waterfall” shape.

I learned that I would make sweater with this fabric next time I buy French terry or Isoli.

However, I think the design and the style of this cardigan became nice, I just wish that it were not so stiff.

Now I have found a new “winter fabric” to make a waterfall cardigan and I am planning to make it soon. Maybe I need to hurry because the winter here in Norway has been cold so far and my sewing room is cold too. Also I am wondering if I should design myself a new waterfall cardigan, I would like to have some own clothing pattern., and I am not a big fan of the sleeves on this cardigan...

Here are the others waterfall cardigan that I have used different fabircs to make it (but the same styling with the hat and belt).


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