Valentine laces

This dress was made for me, last summer, but I did not like it on myself (this is something that happens often to me when I have not tried the pattern on a simpler fabric first). It became too red for me and it was too hot to wear in the summer when it was really hot outside (yes we do actually have a hot summer in Norway too), and then I gave it to my sister, who kept it for a few months before my mom got it.

I have to say it suits her much more than it did me!

Not 100% sure what kind of fabric the lace is, but I think it was the most “natural” lace fabric that I have ever seen… The fabric under the dress is 94% viscose and 6% elastane (if I remember right, but it is usually something like that).

Not sure if I am going to try making this dress again, with simple (or with print) viscose jersey yet. I have tried to make clothes from their patterns before, but I have not been satisfied with them. I still have the pattern, just in case I want to try it again. Maybe the full dress with longer sleeve will look better on me?


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