Hairbands and scrunshies

Something I have been making with my fabric scraps is hairbands and hair ties, also called scrunshies.

I started making them early last spring. I thought this could be a nice way of using the fabric scraps instead of filling my trash bin with it. In addition, this is a nice way to earn money of them by selling them on an outdoor marked or something like that. It has not been much of a marked yet, but I am keeping my eyes open for it.

I have been thinking of trying to sell it on an online store like Etsy. However, I have not dared to do it yet, and I am only shipping here in Norway and that is kind of a big problem, as I know there are other people in the world who might like to buy what I make. I am happy to hear that, but the shipping is too expensive for me now.

I hope you find this as a little inspiration to what you can do with your fabric scraps!


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