Marsala bow blouse and new pants

This blouse might be something you have seen before!

This is a short-sleeved version of the blouse with a bow, and it is one of my favorite simple blouses to wear. Even if I have not worn it much lately, it is mostly because it is still too cold outside to wear it, and I have not made a cardigan or jacket that fits this look.

For those who have not read the Vintage roses, blouse with bow post, this pattern is from Burda Easy 2/2021. This time I have used viscose to sew the blouse, and yes, I love using viscose to sew blouses!

In addition, I want to write short about the pants I am wearing, which you might have seen on the Yellow flounce blouse post. This pants pattern has to be one of my favorites. Finally a pant patterns that fits me, and I can use Punto, super stretch jeans or other stretchy fabrics to create these pants with pockets.

The fabric on these pants is Punto with woolen texture on the inside. Such a good spring and autumn pants, and almost for the winter too. The wool is not real but it is similar to it, so I think it is fleece.

The pattern designer is from my hometown in Norway, and the name of her company is Sias Design.


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