Fiber Mood top

A fun blouse to sew but unfortunately the picture of it is not that great…

I used the double gauze fabric from one of the sewing mistakes I did last year. Funny enough, the day when I made the dress, I got so upset that I just started to “destroy” the dress by finding a top pattern from Fiber mood and started to cut out the pieces. I believe i stayed up that night just to make sure I had all the pieces ready to sew next day.

When I made this top, I had started my adventure of adding flounce on my sewing projects, so it feels like the autumn of 2021 was the time of flounce and I have not given it up yet, so there will be more of it.

I have made the Fiber Mood top two times after the first one. They look a little bit more fitting for summer and one of them is actually in plus size. Now I just need to take pictures of them and the weather in Norway is finally getting warmer, so it shall not be too hard to get those pictures ready anytime soon.


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