Dark pink Velvet skirt

I have been looking for this kind of skirt patterns for many years now! I have tried making those type of skirt patterns myself but I never got happy with them and later decided to give up.

This is the “Be smart jumper” from Ellie & Mac. This was one of the first patterns I bought from them.  I fell in love with how simple it is to sew but also make your own twist.

I have wanted to make this type of skirt for a long time, and with that fabric too. I was very happy when I finally got the chance to make this skirt with this dark pink velvet fabric. It is actually organic cotton velvet fabric, and that is great!

The only mistake I made with this skirt is that the suspenders are too long for me, and it is too late to try fix it (isn’t it typical?!). But at the same time, the fabric felt a little bit weird for me.

I am already planning to make more of them both with and without suspenders. It is also the pattern I am planning to use to help me create the national folk dress/Bunad.


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