Being pretty in Burberry skirt

Last year I got a little bit addicted to sew something with a typical Burberry fabric in stretch.

I did not only sew tights with that fabric, but also a skirt, two times. The first one I kept for myself and the other one was sold.

I have not used this skirt much because I had not sewn any blouses for it yet. I decided to sew a simple shaped blouse with flounce to make it elegant. To make it even more elegant and me-style friendly, I added some lace on the flounce.

I was not quite happy with the sleeves of the blouse, so I decided to sell it, but after wearing it on this photoshoot, I wanted to keep it. I am not sure what I really want at the moment, so I am going to see if I want to keep it or not.

The blouse pattern is from Burda style 6212. I used 100% viscose in white and white lace on the flounce. The skirt pattern is from Ida Victoria pattern named The Ida jersey dress. The fabric is cotton jersey and bought in a Norwegian fabric shop named Stofflykke.

This is absolutely a styling that I love to put together and wear, I just do it too little. 


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