Moms gala dress

This dress was requested for a Christmas dinner in 2021. My mom wanted a nice gala dress to wear, with shawl that could be used in many different ways. So I took the requested and went fabric shopping with her.

The first thought my mom had was that she wanted the dress from Ellie & Mac pattern, Be dreamy. She wanted the upper part to be gray and the skirt to be black. In addition, she wanted long sleeves. After a little discussion while we were fabric shopping, we decided to go with dark jade color on the upper part and have the classic flounce sleeve from the Be dreamy pattern.

I did have a plan to make the upper part a little more decorative by sewing small embroidery flowers on it (it was the same flowers I used for this peplum top here), but I did not have time for it.

Another thing my mom wanted was a bolero or cardigan. I once again did not have much time to hurry sewing the jacket she wanted, and we decided to create a very simple shawl with embroidery flowers on it (which was similar to what I wanted to sew on the upper part of the dress). It was a fabric I could buy on selfmade, so I only had to sew the edges on it.

I also made a matching hairband!

The shawl was a nice way to just have over the shoulder or use as a scarf. She also styled the shawl to be around the waist.

The dress looks great and my mother became very happy with it. I like it very much too, and I am glad I could help her find the right colors for her!


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