Moon & stars dress

This dress war originally meant for me, but the dress was not as flattering for my body shape as I thought it was. When I saw the “Dashing dress” pattern from Ellie & Mac, I instantly fell in love with the idea of having a dress with collar.  I am not sure why I sewed this dress in Size L, but I do believe it was because I thought I had gained weight (my stomach was possibly bloated) and needed size L.

I wanted a simple black dress with a decorated collar. I decided to sew moon, stars and white beads on the collar. I also matched it with moon and stars tights. Of course the dress became a little too big for me, so I decided to sell it.

I had decided to not sew this dress again, because the dress is not shaped as a typical 50s dress, as I thought it was. This pattern might be the one I am not very happy with from Ellie & Mac. The sizes on this pattern is a little bit confusing (I made this dress in plus size, and it became way too big and it looked unflattering) but I have decided to give it a chance again, but this time I will go down a size or two. I am not sure when I am going to give it a try again, but maybe after the summer.


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