High waist skirt for the summer

I have been trying to make a soft orange skirt for the summer since 2020, but I never found the right color. The first time I bought an orange colored fabric, that I thought was the color I wanted… However, it was horrible color to make a summer skirt out of, and no I do not have a picture of it!

 It was first when I went to a fabric shop this spring, I finally found close to the right color.

I think the colors name is light terracotta and is cotton jersey. I am not sure if it is the color I was originally thinking about in 2020 but it is hard to find the color I want in the fabric shops in Norway. However, I really like this color as it is very soft and has a little bit more brownish in it.

The top I am wearing was made last summer and the fabric is actually bought at the same fabric shop as the skirt fabric, Abby’s textile. I am not 100% sure what kind of fabric it is, but I think it is similar to cotton jersey.


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