A style for the summer

This is a styling I really like and it is so good to see it on other people than me.

The top is from fiber mood (I have written about it earlier) and I have used double gauze on it. The skirt pattern is from Ellie & Mac, be smart jumper and I have used cotton jersey that I bought at Abby’s textile.

My plan for this styling was originally meant to be top and pants, but the top design did not work out for a plus size model to wear with pants. The top is too short and annoy me a little bit. Something I often see when it comes to making clothes with wide size range (what I mean here is sizes from S to 4XL) is that it is not put enough thought into how it will look in different sizes and body types.

Of course, it is my “job” to try to make it fit my models, but it still annoys me. I always get happy when I can buy patterns that has XS-4XL sizes but I have to be careful with them so they do not get too short, big, bulky and/or wonky. I want people to feel good when they are wearing clothes I have made.

A good thing with this is that I learn much about what I have to think about when I want to start creating my own patterns.

Martine, who is my model, gives good criticism when it comes to the plus size clothes I am making. She has given me her opinion of what she likes to wear and what kind of problems she meets when she wants certain kinds of clothes.

Other people, that is not necessarily a plus size model but have not the “standard” body that the industry are creating, have also been giving me some advice and criticism for the clothes I have been test sewing.

As for me, I also have trouble with finding clothes that fits my body, which is why I started to sew my own. I do also have some trouble with finding sewing patterns that fit my body without making adjustments.

Ending this post with another beautiful picture of Martine. You can also follow her on Instagram, click on the picture down below!


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