Baby fox plushies

It has been a long time since I wrote about plushies.

I am going to show you the baby foxes plushy that I made in 2020.

I have used the pattern from TeacupLion.

They are so cute, and I made few of them in 2020. I also tried to make the fennec fox from the pattern pack.

A cute fox but it rather remind me of a Chihuahua with a long tail.

Anyway, I like them both and they are so cute. I sold all four (I think I made five or six foxes) and kept the red baby fox.

Since it is soon December, I end this post with this cute little Christmas picture I took of the foxes.


2 thoughts on “Baby fox plushies

    1. I do not sell any plushies this year, and I only sell at Christmas markets in Norway, but it is nice to hear there are people from outside of Norway that are interested in what I make and sell.
      Thank you for this nice comment!


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