The autumn outfit, version two

In the previous post about autumn outfits, I designed an autumn style by using different patterns and fabrics to make a cozy and stylish outfit. I chose not to keep it and therefore I created a more suitable style for myself personally.

I really love the pants. I have used Sia’s design pants, Ellie. Still love using this pattern but I have experienced that the pants get “bigger” by using it. Even if I use cotton jersey or punto, it still gets bigger around the hips than it should be. It might be a typical problem with jersey fabrics, but it is annoying as people ask for those pants and a few of them have sent a message to me that the pants gets bigger after using it for a little while.

I choose not to focus too much on the pants problem unless people wish to order more of them later. If it should happen that more people wish to buy jersey pants, I might have to find the right pattern and/or fabrics that works better with each other.

The cardigan pattern is also from a Norwegian pattern designer. Ida Victoria has a lot of good jersey patterns that I like to use, but has not been much used this year. Not sure what I think about the cardigan, it is a bit bulky at the end of the sleeve and the jacket.

Anyway I still like this styling on me much better and I had also made a blazer with the same fabric as the pants but the blazer did not work out (it was also first time I had created a blazer).

Which of those two styles did you like?


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