A few top ten lists of 2022

Starting this year with a little bit of recap of what kind of posts that were popular in 2022.

I think I want to start with which posts that had the most views in 2022 and I have chosen to have a top ten list for sewing projects, and top ten for blog/update/other creative projects.

Let us start with the sewing category:

This is the top ten of blog/update/other:

It is fun and interesting to see what people have visited the most.

I chose to not make this a long post or adding it at the December update, because the post would have been a little too big.

I have added links to all those posts if you want to reread it or have not seen it before and please take a look at other blog posts that did not get much attention in 2022.

I am finishing this post with top 10 sewing (including plushies) posts that did get few or no views when posted in 2022:

Thank you for visiting my blog, Klaugen.com and please keep visiting my blog!


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