The goals for 2023

I was a bit unsure about wanting to create goals for 2023, as I made a few big goals for 2022, and I think the goals were too big to fulfill in one year, also a little bit too ambitious.

Therefore, my new goals are smaller and more focused on things that I feel is important for me.

  • Create a list of what I need for new projects
  • Make and follow a budget plan
  • Dare to adjust, “hack”, etc. patterns to fit my sketches and ideas, also to fit my body
  • Take it slow, no need to rush to finish a project
  • Learn new sewing techniques
  • It is okay to find other hobbies to do than sewing…

I think this is what I should focus on for now. I do not know if I will add any more to my list, but I think this year it is okay to not to make big goals, that puts me in a situation where I feel I cannot achieve at the moment/this year. 

These goals are mixed with my sewing, life and other things.

Other goals that I have are a little bit more personal. I think I need to learn to accept more of how things are… Like not everything I plan will go as I want, that people might not understand me or I do not have the energy to do what I really want. There is a lot of story of why I think acceptance has become an important thing in my life…

Patience is something I also hope to have more of, because I do not feel very patient about things in my life now. I often feel stuck in things I want to do, and I just has to accept and have more patience.

My goals might look much smaller than last year, but I think it is the best for me this time, and I do feel okay with smaller goals. I hope I can add more typical goals like saving more money, go the gym, have a better meal plan, etc.

Do you have any goals for 2023?


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