The trouble of getting photos

This autumn (2022) I have been very busy with sewing courses, planning a beauty evening, finishing orders, etc.

That is why you have not seen me much on my blog since spring/summertime 2022. In addition, the weather has not been easy to predict because the weather has changed often lately.

I also have been less motivated to be a model for my own clothes and to do photoshoot at all.

One of the reasons for not having enough photos of clothes is because I have had many difficulties with myself last year, and the result of this is that my face have not been shown here as much as it used to be, and my mother has been there instead. I really appreciate that my mom has been helping me so much last year with photos, wearing my clothes for advertising and helping me do all the stuff that I cannot do alone all the time.

Short story of why: Last year started with having the crystal sickness but that just gave me much more time to stay home and on my computer to work with the blog and writing posts, etc.… Then I got ill again (this time with covid) and I became much more tired than usual, a little bit more anxious and felt more out of place. Therefore, I started to be uncomfortable with taking pictures of myself.

The second biggest problem with taking photos has been keeping up with taking pictures when the weather is not against me. Rainy, windy and sometimes actually too sunny. I could have tried to find a solution by finding different places to take pictures, but it is much easier to stay close to a place where I can change clothes to take even more pictures. That is why I am mostly at home or at my parents’ house to take pictures.

I have tried to take more pictures with myself as model again, but I have tried to find some fun ways to avoid letting the weather ruin it. Like using an umbrella on rainy days.

I also hope that I will gain the confidence of being model for my clothes again. I think it is always uplifting showing you readers what I have made for myself and getting good response as I have often done before.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “The trouble of getting photos

    1. I am trying to figure out if I can use my indoor lights, but I have not had any big succes with it. I was thinking of buying proper lights like they use in a photo studio but it was a little bit expensive…
      Maybe I find a solutions one day!

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      1. I have found lighting that I want to buy, but I am trying to save more money for other important things… But I will keep that on my wish list for now.
        Just hoping that it will become lighter outside and not too cold, so I can take pictures of what I have been making since November.

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