February 2023

Good evening!

I actually forgot to write an update for this month (I always write a week before to be sure I have written down everything for the monthly updates), so now I am just going to put something quick together of what things I have bought this month and how many sewing projects was finished.

I did not sew much this month, but I did finish seven projects, where three of them was an order, but I will finish three tops before the end of the night (that is also an order), so therefore I will have finished 10 projects this month!

Not as much as before, but I have been taking it a bit slower this winter as I do not feel the need to rush to finish a lot of sewing projects. However, I am going to finish some of my winter sweaters this week (it just took me two years to finally start making some sweaters for myself…).

I started this month with big fabric shopping at Selfmade, and I got a few meters on sale too… on the last day of the sale… Lucky me!

I originally went to Selfmade to buy things I found last time and materials I needed in order to finish some project for the upcoming spring. I got some other stuff aswell.

I went later in February and bought a good amount of laces for a dress project I am planning.

Other things I have been doing this month was to reorganize some of my sewing stuff and to “create” a filing cabinet with a nice glass cabinet I have had for a while. I was thinking of buying a real filing cabinet to store my patterns and my A0 printed patterns but it was too expensive.

Since I have not blogged much this month I will add a collage of the posts I posted this month!


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