The New Year eve dress 2022

This dress must be one of my favorite dresses that I have made for myself, even if I have only used it once, I hope to wear it more in later events.

I have mixed different patterns from Ellie & Mac to make this dress, I also tried to draft the skirt by myself with a good help from one of their patterns.

I am very happy with the upper part of the dress, as I was scared that the sleeves would look weird on me or the wrap top would be too big or small.

The skirt is in the shape I want it to be but I do wish I had drafted it longer. It is almost too short in the front but I originally wore black stockings under it and not transparent, and that helped a lot for my confidence to wear it and to not look “that” short.

This dress was the last sewing project I had in 2022, so I think I ended that year with a very good sewing project, which almost worked just as I planned.


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