March 2023

Ops! I did not post an update about what happened in March!

I do not remember much from last month when it comes to sewing, but I think I managed to finish five projects, and I have been trying to sell some of the clothes I made last year.

In addition, the shopping this month was not very interesting. I bought myself a very expensive and professional scissor, though. I have recently started to test my new Kai scissor, and it is fantastic to use. Never had a good scissor like that before, and hopefully this one will last for many years.

These are the fabrics I bought this month:

I ended this month with buying this for a little project, you may have seen this fabric before on this blog…

Before I end this post, I want to add that the blog is not going to be very active from now on (and you might have noticed already). I have been very slow with sewing and writing. In addition, the email on this blog is deactivated and the blog is back to the free version, which means more ads and no domain name. There are many reasons why this happened but mostly because the views have been very low, I do not post as often as I used to and it costs money that I cannot use at the moment.

I am a little bit sad for the blog being downgraded from now on, but sometimes I just need to prioritize what is best for me.

Here is a collage of March posts:


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