April 2023

Another month is over, but this time I have been sewing much more than I have done in the past months this year.

I have finished sewing 18 projects this month and one redesign project.

A lot of what I what I have been sewing lately are stretchy blouses that works well on anybody with different kind of sleeves (I have also tried different neck bindings and collars, but I have not succeeded with that idea yet). I am hoping this can become a blouse that might be one of the choices for special orders.

I have started to plan more projects that are new for this year but I have also tried to finish some of my older ideas that I never got the chance to start or finish.

I have also been shopping a lot of fabrics this month and that made it hard to keep it under budget, so I might have used a bit more money than I was supposed to do. It started with finding a few fabrics that I thought would be nice to make some fresh spring and summer vibes.

I then went to Selfmade with my sewing-friend and found some bamboo viscose jersey that fits very well for me, because I have been looking for nice viscose jersey for a very long time.

At the end of this month I went to Oslo again and bought some fabrics that I could not get anywhere else, that includes websites. Well maybe some other websites or stores have these fabrics but I have not seen them much before.

Again, I want to remind you all that I do not have an upgraded blog/site anymore, so I am sorry for all the adds and for not posting as much as before. I have been feeling a bit down since autumn and have not had the energy to work hard with sewing, photos and writing. I still love doing all of that, I just felt there were no point in blogging after feeling a bit defeated from long projects that did not work out as I wanted.

The reason this month’s update is late this time was that I just came home from a trip to Oslo.

I end this post with a collage of April posts:


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