The Kangaroos

As a little child, I always wanted a kangaroo plushy. When I saw the Hop and Skip pattern from Melly & Me, I was sold. I just had to make one. Therefore, I chose to make both size of the plushies!

I gave these as a gift to my aunt and uncle.

I made one small to myself, in a color that I thought were fitting a kangaroo. It is a very cute pattern, but I think I may have sewn the legs/feet’s wrong as the kangaroo is leaning forward when he is standing.

If I was to add something different to the kangaroo, I would have added a pouch. Just so I could have made a mom and baby kangaroo.

The big kangaroo pattern reminded me of a character from moomin. Therefore, I decided to “hack” the pattern to make a plush version of the character, which I will show you the process of in another post. He did not become the perfect version of it but became my favorite plushie as I did make some of the parts myself.


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