The goals with this blog/website is to show you a part of my thoughts about sewing, design, materials, life, ideas, etc.


Owner, designer and seamstress

I am the owner of this blog. I am unemployed (disability benefits), but I am trying to make my hobby into my own workplace by sewing, designing and blogging. I have a dream of getting to work with fashion and design. I hope that is something I can achieve one day!

I have had the interest in design since 2008 and have been working (also been on six courses) with crafting and designing jewelry/beaded necklaces. I have also tried florist decoration, and I went to design and textile school, but do not have the title tailor or any other sewing related title, as I did not finish it completely. I also did two years of interior school were I graduated and got the Norwegian title Interior-consultant. It was because of interior that I started this blog/website in September 2017.

Drama-Tique aka Martine

Model, actor and burlesque artist

A good friend that I have known since 2002.

Martine has a BA on the subject of Norwegian burlesque that she wrote in 2021. She is also a member of a drag and burlesque group in Trondheim.

She became my model after a project we had together in 2021, and we are trying to create a little collection that fits her burlesque wardrobe. She will also appear with some other clothes that I have made.

Visit her Instagram profile here!


Model and sponsor

She has more of my handmade clothes in her wardrobe than I have.

She supports me by buying the clothes so I can finish the collection and maybe make my own design. She has a big love for clothes that is different from what we can get at a typical clothing store. She is also helping me by being my model for this website and creating a portfolio.



She has already been a model on my blog since 2017, but it is not a face that you see very often. She has been gifted handmade clothes on birthday and Christmas since 2017.

She might be the hardest one to find clothes for that she will like, so it is always a challenge to create something I know she will like, but always fun when I do.


Photographer & editor

He helps me with making this blog possible by reading my post before I publish them and also taking photos.

I choose to keep pictures of him for myself, as I respect his wish to not have photos of him on the internet.

I do not make many clothings for men at the moment but I have made t-shirts and sweaters for my boyfriend.