My bedroom project


I have finally put out the bedroom assignment I had at school last fall. It was my first school assignment I had in interior.

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Ronald the fox

Here’s one of the stuffed animals I’ve sewn most of!

He’s called Ronald after my dadand there is no particular reason for it but all the stuffed animals that I sew get the name of someone in my family or those who stand close to me. And I think the Norwegian version of the name fits well!

I have sewn this four times and all the times I have given them away as a gift.

I have not made the pattern entirely myself since I bought this on stoff & stil, but have drawn it over myself and made some changes to it. 

The changes I did was to change the back of it and use glass eyes instead of sewing eyes.

I think this is the most liked stuffed animals I have sewn.

Vintage lace and the Renaissance

This is probably one of my favorite bolero!

It is a vintage blue lace bolero where you can tie a bow in front or back.

I had such a bolero when I was little and suddenly one day I found a pattern that was almost identical to the type of bolero and then I just had to try to make one.

Pattern was purchased on stoff & stil on sale a couple of years ago. But I’ve made some small changes to this pattern to try and customize it to me. 

Unfortunately, I destroyed the pattern when I was going to iron some of the parts I had clip out… I had a little stupid moment and thought I would correct the pattern “fabric” (I did realize that it was a kind of fabric paper pattern) but ended up almost steaming it away.

But next time I will use a single basic pattern and further develop it into such a bolero pattern.

As for the jewelry, I was inspired after watching the Tudors TV series!

After seeing a lot of the pretty clothes and the jewelry, I wanted to create something that could remind me a little about the Renaissance.

I have used blend of glass, crystals and metal beads. The cross pendant was a very expensive pendant since it is made of metall and have crystals on it (but the store I bought it on usually makes all of their product very expensive).

Learning about colour


This was the first school assignment we received this fall.

I had to show how I combine colors and how I colored drawings. As I finished coloring, I noticed that I have made jewelry or clothes with exactly the same color combinations that are on the top two pictures.

If you see the post with my African-inspired blouse you will see some of the color combinations!

The other color combination looks very similar to my winter jewelry collection (it’s not on the blog).

Soft warm Autumn top


This is my velvet top!

It is cozy and warm to use and perfect for Autumn, since the weather started to get colder.

This was a very simple top to sew, but next time I’d rather make some sweaters since I badly need it!

The necklace is simple. I’ve just put together an pendant that fits the leather thread.

The necklace was one of my first accessories I made, and I made it at this beads course I took in 2009.

Design kitchen with help from the app


A new big assignment from school before Christmas!

This time we will design a kitchen adapt to one of the three themes we could choose. 

I chose a family of five who wanted a French country style kitchen, and this style is beautiful. It was not hard for me to decide which of the three themes I would design.

After sketching, I found out that I should try the free program from HTH Kitchens to get a visual picture of the kitchen.

The reason I found this program was because I could not begin with a proper drawing program yet… I have not learned to use Archicad completely.

But now, at least I have seen how the kitchen can be and I can start hand draw it!

Inspiring, crazy and harmonious


Today I was at the Art Industry Museum in Trondheim and was tasked with sketching three different arts that did inspired me, what I though did look harmonious and one that looks crazy.

There was a lot of embroidery there that I was inspired by, and I really liked the one called flower cry. I really wanted to embroider after studying it carefully.

And there were a lot of crazy arts there too, so it was a bit more difficult to find the best crazy art for me.

The one who gave me the most sense of harmony was a nice embroidery image called one childhood.

So embroidery is what has been trendy throughout the year, and I’ve increasingly fallen for this kind of style in both interior and clothing. And to see the variations of embroidery at the museum today, really made my creative mind think more about how I can use embroidery in things that I make!

Model building of student room


So now my model building project for this time is over and I had a lot of fun doing this assignement.

This assignement was about making a student dorm for one or two people and we had to choose between three cities in Norway, which would be our inspiration and should add a part of the city in the room.

I chose the city Tromsø, because it’s famous for the northern lights and for having a long winter (because then I could make a cozy room with fluffy blankets and lights).

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Also see my inspiration collage for this project here!