Getting rid of leftovers

Last week I was ill and therefore I had to stay home instead of going to school.

It became very boring to sit inside and wait to get well again, so my mother did have some vases which she wanted me to decorate, such as the bottles I usually make/decorate.

It was also a nice thing to do to get rid of all the remains left after the last bottles I decorated, and also a reason for buying new hobby equipment next time.

All I have to say about these decorations is that I have used all the leftovers decorations from the bottles I have made in recent years, and its a very great idea to do when you really want to get rid of some old stuff.

Taking pictures of these vases was very hard because of the glass, but I have tried my best on editing these pictures!


The wooden chair


Finally, I managed to add this to my blog on school projects!

I completed this assignment just before Christmas, but I did not have time to blog about it before now.

Click the picture or go to school project to see more about the wooden chair!

Last week I was ill and was to tired to blog, but I have done a lot of creative things last week that I am going to blog about very soon.

Midterm: Kid bedroom

Started the new year with a midterm exam. 

My assignment was to draw a children’s room for a boy that is eight years old, who is a fan of science fiction, likes to read and the favorite color is orange.

I did not have much time on this, so there was not much details on the drawings

This was a little stressful way to start the new year, so I did not manage to think clearly and the drawings did not get the way I thought (the coloring was not good either).

Hope I do much better on the exam this summer instead, for then I have probably learned more.


The Christmas market


Finally the post about the Christmas market that I joined last year is on my school project list! 

I was suppose to blog about it for a few weeks ago, but I have been reallly busy with finishing my new school projects before taking a school break.

This is probably the longest blog post I have ever written in English, so I hope you will take your time to read.

Click here or go to the school project on menu to see more of it.

Happy New Year!

Poinsettia brooch in woolfelt


Since it’s Christmas soon, I wanted to make som cute brooches, in woolfelt fabric.

I was going to post more Christmas stuff this year before Christmas… But I have been busy at school and did not have so much free time to finish any christmas post before now. And also I wanted to make a DIY of this, but maybe next year!

Instead of taking break from bloging this Christmas I have choose to post some more of Christmas stuff before the new year starts.


Making x-mas label in Illustartor


Today’s school assignment was to create labels for Christmas presents!

We were not allowed to include the colors red and green, and not allowed with pictures such as snowman, santa claus, Christmas tree, stars, angels or candles.

But the teacher had not said anything about reindeer (well she had forgotten to write down reindeer but I was allowed to use reindeer image), so of course I chose that.

Instead of getting images from google, I chose to draw a reindeer on the illustrator to learn more about the tools I can use on this program. 

I used one of my reindeer drawings that I drew when I was little as a inspiration for myself.

I used a bit of cheating as a circle tool to help me create the face, eyes and nose. Then I used a drawing tool, that corrected my lines more straight when I finish the lines, to draw the ears and antlers. After I did colour it with the same tool (maybe not a very good idea, but it worked this time).

I had fun making this today! It did give me a small break from the usual school hours in these stressful days before Christmas!

Making Christmas card on Photoshop


Last Christmas we made Christmas cards to practice ourselves using Photoshop!

I remember that I was very pleased with this one and decided to copy some extra copies for next Christmas. And while I still have the chance, I would like to make more cards before I finish school.. because the adobe subscription will expire after I finish my school summer 2018.

Since I had already made Christmas cards for everyone last Christmas, I decided to use these this year instead.