How to make a flower in a bottle


You need a bottle, decoration stones or sand, a fake flower/leaf, other decorations (like beads or small things you want in the bottle), ribbons, scissors and glue.
I start by filling the stones or the sand into the bottle until I am satisfied with the amount of it (I have also used moss or fake snow in other versions of the bottles I have made). Here I have mixed some gray stones and some of the gold sand together. Shake it a little to get it mixed well.

Cut the flower to a desired length (the length varies from which bottle I use, but I often use the same sized bottle when I make this). Make sure that it does not get too long compared to the bottle, because then it will look a bit strange.


Before putting the flower inside, add the extra decoration to the bottle first. It can be any of the decor you want!


It’s a bit difficult to put the little things in place and push the flower well into the sand / stone. So I used anything that was longer than my fingers, such as tweezers, knitting needles, etc.


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