Red flowery McCall’s blouse

I think I made this blouse in autumn 2020, but not sure. I just remember that I loved making these blouses, and I did make a few for myself and for my sister too.

The fabrics is cotton jersey with print.

I do not really have much to write about this blouse, because it is a long time since I made it and I do not remember what my thoughts were when I made it. However, in the year 2020 I focused on learning to sew with jersey fabrics. Therefore, it might be the only reason I made it was that I wanted to keep making it for fun (and to keep learning how to sew jersey clothing). I did not have so much handmade by me clothes at that time, so it was nice to have a little bit more to wear.

After making this blouse I have been really curios about trying to make all tops, blouses and sweaters with a little different kind of sleeves design. I think it makes the tops so much more interesting when you have different styles on sleeves.


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