A Ladybug style

A cute little outfit that I made for myself, that did of course not stay long before my mom bought it. I decided when I finished of the blouse and skirt that it was not quite my look of style and it instantly reminded me of my mom’s style, which is why I had no problem with selling the outfit to her. Also the size on the blouse was too big for me, but the skirt fit both of us.

I used Ellie & Mac’s dashing dress – and trendsetter skirt pattern to make this look. I only used the upper part of the dashing dress pattern to make a blouse with collar. Moreover, when it comes to the trendsetter skirt, I have not figured out if I like the style of it. I like having a skirt that is short on the front side and longer at the back, but it is more the waist part of the skirt that rather annoys me. However, I am not finished with trying to sew those skirts yet. I do have a few more ideas that I want to try out (and I have already made a different waistband option for this skirt), especially for spring and summer.

Happy Friday!


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