Billie Sweater Two

Finally made another Billie sweater from Tilly and the buttons, and this time it fitted much better.

Last year when I made this sweater (click here for the first Billie sweater post), it was a bit too short on the bodice and a little bit tight at the neckline. I sized it up from size 3 (38 euro) to size 5 (42 euro) and it fitted perfectly, maybe a little too big but it is not noticable.

Of course, I think it is a bit weird that some of the patterns from TATB, but also from other pattern makers, have a little bit weird size chart for me to read. I often think it has something to do with the style of the pattern. I have noticed this about almost all pattern makers. Because on the Billie sweater I need size 5 meanwhile on their cardigan named Bertha I need size 3 to make it fit my body well.

Anyway, I am happy with finding a good winter sweater that I can wear on cold days and still look good!

I am thinking of making more of it later this year, when we are returning to colder days again (it is still cold here in Norway, but I am too excited to make blouses and dresses for the summer), I want to try making it in a different kind of fabric, but I have not decided what kind yet. The fabric I have used this time is French Terry.


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