Yellow flounce blouse

This blouse has to be one of my favorite styles of simple but elegant blouses. I really want to make more of them, and I have somewhat already done that, but with different kinds of fabrics.

I have only kept this yellow blouse. The other ones will be sold, and the reasons is:

  • The blouse with sleeves did not look good on me (might get picture of this one later).
  • The blouses were I used mostly polyester (not 100% sure how much synthetic fabric it was, but much more than I usually buys) was too stiff and automatically became too small even if the pattern was the correct size.

The blouse pattern is from Burda. I bought the pattern last summer but did not try to sew it until this winter (February and March).

I quickly found out that this type of pattern fits best with light cotton and viscose. I think it can look good with other kinds of fabrics too, but I just think you have to be prepared that if the fabric is very stiff you will have to size it up a little bit. That is what I learned.

For me I absolutely love the simple shape on the blouse with the big flounce in the front. A perfect airy blouse for everyday use.

If you have noticed, I am a big fan of clothes with flounce. So yes, I am definitely going to make more clothes with flounce on it. I am already planning more of them!


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