A special made fox, Kurama

The same year I sewed the baby foxes, I was asked if I could sew a special made fox from an anime. This customer had trouble finding a good plushy version of the anime character, Kurama from Naruto. At that time, I did not have much to do and we did a lot of planning with finding the right pattern, colors for the fabric and eyes. I did draw a little sketch of it too (but I do not have it here).

I used of course the same pattern from TeacupLion, because the baby foxes pattern were the most similar to my kind of sewing style and still try to modify it to look more like Kurama.

It was fun to do this as I had tried to make my own Sniff from Moomin by using a kangaroo pattern (see the post here) earlier that year. Therefore trying to make a fox with just a few changes was not a big problem, except for the nine tails that I had to hand sew to the body (the needles on my sewing machine broke each time I tried it). They were not a big problem to sew by hand but more of a problem with making them stay in one place because of my small hand.


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