Costume project: Penguins

Today is the premiere of the cabaret!

This is the last costumes that I have made for this cabaret, and on Friday this week I will post the photos that I took from the dress rehearsal and that will be the last post of this costume project!

This jackets was actually very easy to sew and I have designed this jacket myself! I made the pattern by using a basic sweater pattern, then I drew the rest of the pattern myself.
I am very happy with how the pattern I made actually worked out, because it is a very long time since I made my own pattern, and I was a bit lazy with it when I drew the pattern because I just wildly guessed how it would look like when I was done sewing it (and to be honest I couldn’t remember how to make my own patterns). But it did work out great!

All the jackets are the same size but I had to make one jacket different because all of the jackets are female design, and one of the penguins is a boy, so I had to make one new jacket designed for male. I used the female design and tried to do my best to make a male version on short time.

I don’t quite remember what kind of fabric I used but it is a shiny sport fabric and I have used sequin band to give all the penguins their own style that matches with cute small shiny hats!

The “king penguin” got a little bit different style.

 When I designed the king penguin jacket I was thinking it need to show off more then the other penguins and he also needed to look more royal. The king have gold decoration band and gold vintage buttons with pictures of a crown.

I also wanted to put a bit of the Norwegians national outfit in all of the penguins jackets, and I thought it was a good idea since the cabaret has many different culture scenes from all around the world.
And I also think that the king penguin jacket looks very close to our Norwegian national outfit, also called Bunad.


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