Costume project: Little town

The Belle dress
This dress was one of the first costume that I made for this project. I chose to use a simple pattern (that I have used here) and added the seam in the front and back of the dress, to make it look like the dress Belle wears in the animated movie.

I also chose to use lace around the dress and apron to make it a bit different. The dress did look a bit boring without it and the lace are my 
feature when I sew and make stuff.

The actress will wear a white blouse under this dress.

Gaston and Lefou 
For these guys I just made a simple vest for them to use and the actors will have to wear a simple white shirt and black pants.

I kind of designed this vest myself by using a simple t-shirt pattern for men that I bought on stoff & stil. These was the last things I did sew before the project was finished. I fear that the vests are a bit too big for the actors that are going to wear them, and I made those vests big because I was afraid it would be too small.

The vest have elastic black fabric in the back (to make sure that anyone can use the vest no matter the size) and the front is furniture fabric. The furniture fabric was a challenge to sew because of it stiffness.

The dress/pink girls 
For these girls I have made three corsets. During the sewing course, that I was leading earlier this autumn, we made pink skirts for them. 

I did not really plan to make corsets but after trying out a corset pattern, I decided that I had time to sew two more. There is also another corset, which I dont have a picture of here, is for the leader of the dress girls and is more detailed than the other corsets, pluss better looking fabric.

These corsets is 100 % cotton and I have used an elastic band to tie the corsets, the reason is simple: because we need to change the costume really quick and therefore we use elastic band so the costume change can go quickly without needing to untie it every time they change clothes.

The dress girls will use a white blouse under the corsets and wear nice hair decorations that matches their outfit.

The town girls 
The town girls will get a simpler look then the dress girls, reason is because of time, money and not enough people to sew the whole costumes with me.

I chose to do some redesigning of curtains, table cloths and other kind of fabric left overs to make bolero and shawl for everyone. We did get the chance to sew three more skirts in green fabric on the sewing course. This was also supposed to be a part of the sewing course (to make bolero) but I had to sew it myself because it was too few people from the sewing courses that did have time to do it.

The town girls will wear a white blouse, a long skirt and wear a bolero or shawl. They will also wear different hair accessories. 

We do also have a baker and book clerk but I have not made anything for them (the book clerk does actually wear a green vest that I have made), so they will have to wear black pants and white shirt.

I will get some pictures of the actors wearing this costumes on stage very soon. I was hoping to get some “real” photos before posting this but it has been very busy for me and the actors, and that’s why I have chosen to just post the costumes without the actors wearing them.


6 thoughts on “Costume project: Little town

  1. Oh wow! All of these are so lovely! You did an amazing job! I’m really looking forward to seeing photos of the actors wearing these beautiful pieces!

    Well done, you should be incredibly proud! 🙂

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